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"The word 'listing' is a short-hand term used to describe one of a number of legal procedures which help English Heritage to protect the best of our architectural heritage. When buildings are listed they are placed on statutory lists of buildings of 'special architectural or historic interest' compiled by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, on advice from English Heritage.

Listing is not intended to fossilise a building. A building's long-term interests are often best served by putting it to good use, and if this cannot be the one it was designed for, a new use may have to be found. Listing ensures that the architectural and historic interest of the building is carefully considered before any alterations, either outside or inside, are agreed."
  English Heritage
PROJECT TITLE: Single storey 1930's garage re-styled and extended to form guest annexe to Listed Building
Before re-styling and extension   After re-styling and extension

Main house dating from c 1820 with a large walled garden to the frontage with arched pedestrian access and path to front door.


The photos are of the rear of the property which would have been the tradesman and servant entrance with the advent of the motor car necessarily needed improving as this became the primary entrance A former coach house which had been reduces to single storey and adapted to a garage provided the opp to recreate an annexe building of not dissimilar firm to that of a coach house. The tarmac yard was removed from the courtyard and the entire area paved with clay brick pavers.  The result can be seen with the photos above.

PROJECT TITLE: Proposed Restoration and Conversion of Listed Threshing Barn to Ancillary Residential Use  


The threshing barn shown on the left is one of a range of adjoining outbuildings arranged around the rear courtyard to Edge Barton Manor House.

Through predominantly internal adaptation, planning and listed building permission was granted to convert the building into additional holiday accommodation for our clients family.  The internal alterations which provided three bedrooms and two bathrooms accounted for just 30% of the volume of the building and included a gallery.

The remainder of the building was renovated to provide a kitchen, dining and sitting area.


Exterior of threshing barn after restoration


Interior of barn before alterations              Interior of barn after internal alterations  


Buildings can be chosen to be Listed for any one of the following reasons:


  • architectural interest: all buildings which are nationally important for the interest of their architectural design, decoration and craftsmanship; also important examples of particular building types and techniques, and significant plan forms
  • historic interest: this includes buildings which illustrate important aspects of the nation's social, economic, cultural or military history
  • close historical association with nationally important buildings or events
  • group value, especially where buildings comprise an important architectural or historic unity or are a fine example of planning (such as squares, terraces and model villages)

 Restoration of 16th Century Bakery - Strong's Cottage


The neglected cottage before restoration     After restoration showing the bakery shop window  and new thatching  
Strong's Cottage in Chardstock was once occupied by tailor George Strong who was copy hold tenant in 1596.  During restoration of the building, an 11th century commercial 'Govern' bread oven was found behind a fireplace.  






The bread oven had been bricked up for years and when uncovered it was found that it was quite extensive and consisted of a 'proving' oven, domestic range that is seeen to the left, fire chamber and bread oven.
Check House - Seaton              Award Winning Listed Building Extension Design


                                         South elevation of Check House, Seaton.

Overlooking Lyme Bay





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